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Living Water Christian Fellowship is currently meeting weekly in homes of its members. Early in 2020 the Covid pandemic and building occupancy issues force a temporary suspension of normal operation. We expect in 2023 to return holding normal services in the building. 

Ecclesiasticus 21:5 “A prayer out of a poor man's mouth reacheth to the ears of God, and his judgment cometh speedily.”


Note: for history before 1994 see our page Church History Before 1994

1994 First Baptist Church of Enfield Center, now under the leadership of Pastor Michael Krembs, with services in the original building located at 174 Enfield Main Rd.

1996 Steve Messner, Pastor now leading the congregation.

October 1996 Helen Willis Jackson, conveys property allowing the Church to move forward with new building plans.

January 1997 David Leonard, regularly holding services as interim Pastor. March 1997 Pastor Jack Osburn, is holding services as Guest Speaker.

June 1997 Pastor Jack Osburn, is now leading the congregation with great enthusiasm anxious to move forward on the new building.

August 1998 site work rough grading the area for the new building is completed. With the vision of a new building now likely a reality the faithful continue to provide donations in ever increasing amounts.

June 2001 building foundation work begins with the entire concrete floor poured and finished on July 28, 2001. November 2001 building shell and roof in place before strong winter weather begins. Early 2004 building completion meets requirements for occupancy. With the dedication and giving by those faithful to the word of the Almighty, this house of worship was completed without ever having to rely on loans, credit or a mortgage.

Early 2004 a small group of First Baptist Church of Enfield congregants leave the congregation and December 2004 begin operating as Enfield Baptist Fellowship. In October 2017 Enfield Baptist Fellowship incorporates as The First Baptist Church of Enfield Center.

September 2007 Chris Lynch, as Senior Pastor, with James Clark, as Youth Pastor until June 2015. September 2008 David Leonard, as Associate Pastor until April 2012.

October 2009 First Baptist Church of Enfield incorporates as Living Water Christian Fellowship. Discussion about selling the original 174 Enfield Main Rd building is under strong consideration.

May 2011 Sale of original 174 Enfield Main Rd building to Trevor McDonald.